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The Marais and Versailles
- Nancy Mitford: The Sun King
- Mme de Sevigné: Letters
Paris during the Occupation
- Irene Nemirovsky: Suite Française (life during the Occupation)
- Joseph Joffo :  A Bag of Marbles (Jewish child's view of the Occupation in France)
- Helene Berr : Journal (Parisian who recorded life before perishing in a concentration camp)
- Tatiana de Rosnay: Sarah's Key
- Ian Ousby : Occupation. The Ordeal of France
 - Jean Renoir : Renoir my Father
- Marcel Aymé : Le Passe Muraille
  (The Man who could go Through Walls)
The Red Wheelbarrow
This much loved bookshop has re-opened and is located at n° 9 rue de Medicis
The Emblem of Paris
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Latin Quarter and its writers
- George Orwell : Down and Out in Paris and London
- Ernest Hemingway : A Moveable Feast, The Sun Also Rises, The Snows of Kilimanjaro,
 The Green Hills of Africa, A Farewell to Arms
- James Joyce : Ulysses, Finnegan's Wake
- Honoré de Balzac : Old Goriot (Père Goriot)
- Gertrude Stein :  An Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, Paris France
- Alice Toklas : Cook Book
- Eliot Paul :  A Narrow Street (about rue de la Huchette in the 1920s)
- Katherine Mansfield : Je ne Parle pas Français (Short story in English)
- Jean Rhys : Quartet, Good Morning Midnight, After Leaving Mr McKenzie,
  about Paris in the 1920s : The Wide Sargasso Sea
  (Story of Mr Rochester's wife in "Jane Eyre")
- W. Somerset Maugham : The Moon and Sixpence (loosely based on the story of Gauguin),
  The Razor's Edge
- F. Scott Fitzgerald : Tender is the Night
- Henry Miller : Tropic of Cancer (Banned for its sexual frankness!)
- André Gide : The Vatican Cellars
- Simone de Beauvoir : She Came to Stay (L'Invitée)
- Film : Camille Claudel (She was a talented sculptor and Rodin's mistress,
  her works can be seen at the Rodin Museum)
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  Any of these books will enhance your time in Paris, and are available from the above stores.
Our recommended books are listed by 'walks'.
Our favourite Second Hand
- San Francisco Book Co, 17 rue Monsieur le Prince, Paris 75006. Metro Odeon.
- Berkeley Books, 8 rue Casimir Delavigne, Paris 75006. Metro Odeon

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