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For further information or if you would like to contact us:
Peter and Oriel Caine
Paris Walks
12 passage Meunier
93200 St Denis
Telephone :  From abroad +33 1 48 09 21 40
From France: 01 48 09 21 40
Do we need to reserve? Yes, all tours require a reservation. Tours are cancelled if no-one reserves for them by 10pm the day before the tour. If there are some people reserved, and the tour is going ahead, which is the case most days, you can reserve on the day of the tour.
There is a maximum number, and tours may fill up in advance.
Where at the metro do we meet? At street level at the metro exit. If there is more than one exit we designate a meeting place, if there is no special meeting place mentioned it means there is just one exit, or two exits very close to each other.
How long are the tours? About  2 hours
Are they cancelled for bad weather or public holidays? No
If you come for a tour and there appears to be no guide, look carefully at the description of the meeting place, and double check you are waiting in the correct place.
Send us an e-mail with the following information which will allow us to respond quickly with availability and pricing
The date you want the tour, and your choice of tour
Number of people in your group
Ages and gender of any children
Hotel/accommodation details (even just the location is helpful)
Contact us by e-mail. For most tours, no payment is required in advance, but we ask you to let us know in good time if you no longer want the places.
Museum tours require pre-payment so we can get your timed ticket. Payment is made by providing us with your credit card details, we take mc or visa, or by paypal. We charge you here and reconfirm the details.
You can also pay one of our guides for your place in cash, if you attend a tour before the one you wish to book for. However, it is prudent to book in advance as quite often the tours fill up before the cut off date.
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Peter and Oriel Caine
12 passage Meunier  -  93200 Saint Denis  -  France
Telephone :  From abroad +33 1 48 09 21 40
From France: 01 48 09 21 40
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